Chip Holman          (816)424-6617

City Coordinator

Carroll Fisher         (816)424-3583 (Barn)     Cell (816)294-0901


Gerry May

Alex Pfouts

Jackson Wharton

Zoning Admin

Joshua Hamner      (816)424-6617

City Clerk

Gwen Ballou           (816)424-6617     Fax (816)424-3877

Board of Aldermen

Police Commissioner:  Randy Jameson

Street Commissioner:  Kenneth Pike

Park & Recycling Commissioner:  Zackary Craft

Water/Sewer Commissioner:  Mike Krueger

Chief of Police

Joe Wellington        (816)424-3077


Clifton Cashatt

Adam Hill

Prosecuting Attorney

Erik Tate - Gagnon Law Firm                            

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